Bumblebee Music School

Bumblebee Music School is currently located in the same building as 

Betty Marie's Sweet Shop at 66 Main Street Houlton, Me 04730. 

What we offer

At Bumblebee Music School students can learn piano, guitar, ukulele, and violin. In addition Bumblebee Music School offers voice lessons for those interested in learning to sing. 

Classes are given in 30-minute blocks and are available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Many students take an instrument lesson followed by a voice lesson. However, if a student wishes to learn two instruments we can accommodate that student.

Contact the School

The Music School phone number is the same as Betty Marie's Sweet Shop


For other contact we can be found on Facebook at Bumblebee Music School

Or you can stop by the Music School in person..


Each 30-minute block of lessons is $12.50. An hour class will therefore be $25.00

When first starting we do not recommend a student attempt to learn more than 2 instruments simultaneously.